2005-01-02 Un homme plaide coupable pour bestialité (EN)

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Man pleads guilty to bestiality

canada.com ^ | 02/01/05

Christopher Pye was convicted last year of sexual assault--

KAMLOOPS, B.C. (CP) -- A man caught trying to have sex with a dog told police he did it because he had been wrongfully convicted of sexually abusing a child and wanted to do something bad if he was going to jail.

Christopher Pye pleaded guilty last month to bestiality. He was also convicted in provincial court last year of sexual assault on a nine-year-old girl.

Judge William Sundhu reserved his decision Tuesday on Pye's sentence on both matters until Feb. 28.

Pye was arrested after two people reported seeing a man trying to have sex with a dog in a van last July.

At least three times the witnesses saw Pye, his jeans around his ankles, try to manipulate the yelping dog into position.

Twice the dog, a friend's pet, ran away. Both times Pye chased the animal down and returned it to the van.

He seemed oblivious to the presence of the witnesses, court was told Tuesday. One witness approached within three metres to ask if everything was all right.

Pye later denied any sexual contact with the dog, but when an officer told him RCMP had mounted a video camera in the park and had evidence on tape, he changed his story.

The suggestion police had video evidence was a ruse, the judge heard. The tape the officer showed Pye was blank. No camera had been installed in the park.

Pye told officers he tried two or three times to have intercourse with the animal.

He later told psychiatric experts he got the idea after viewing Internet pornographic sites showing people having sex with animals.

He also said he was angry at the earlier charge, saying the girl's complaints to police had ruined his life.