2006-06 Alba manque de se faire violer par un dauphin obsédé

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STARS SEE DOLPHINS' DARK SIDE (Alba, Saradon speak out against horny dolphins)

New York Post ^ | June 12, 2006 | Dick Johnson

IT'S hard to believe those gentle, playful dolphins we all love are actually ultra-horny, dangerously jealous creatures - but Jessica Alba and Susan Sarandon can tell you it's true from personal experience. Alba learned just how sex-crazed the lovable mammals are when she filmed the 1990s "Flipper" remake. "Dolphins get excited, even when you are a human being and they have long, long," the "Sin City" hottie told MTV. ". . . I didn't know this until I was being poked by a few of them, which was very rude. I sort of requested female dolphins after that because those are horny little b-s."

As word got around, her friends and family "did dolphin-squeaking noises anytime they talked to me, which was pretty annoying."

Sarandon has a darker, more disturbing, tale to tell - her near-death at the fins of a jealous lover. In the mid-'70s, Timothy Leary got her an invite to interact with dolphins at a San Francisco lab researching how human the graceful sea creatures can be. "First, they had the dolphin just swim past my feet in the wading area, and then I went into the deeper area, and I stroked the dolphin they called Joe each time it went by," Sarandon told Webster Hall curator Baird Jones.

"After he trusted me more, I took hold of Joe's fin and we glided around the tank together. Then Joe stopped swimming horizontally and pushed up against me. I thought the whole experience was just groovy until I felt this horrible pain on my wrist, which was holding Joe's fin."

Suddenly, researchers jumped in, fully clothed, and rushed to the actress, who had been bitten.

"I could hear them shouting, 'No, Rosie! Don't!' I looked over and Joe's mate, this huge dolphin I hadn't even noticed before, was

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