2006-09-20 Le directeur du CBC démissionne après des remarques sur la bestialité (EN)

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CBC head quits after defecation, bestiality remarks

Reuters ^ | 9/20/2006

CBC head quits after defecation, bestiality remarks

Wed Sep 20, 8:25 AM ET

OTTAWA (Reuters) - The chairman of the publicly funded Canadian Broadcasting Corp. has resigned after remarks about bestiality and ruminations about defecation, Canadian Heritage Minister Bev Oda said on Tuesday.

Guy Fournier created an uproar in Canada's Lebanese community and in the media when he claimed that Lebanon allowed men to have sexual relations with female animals, but reserved the death penalty for those who did so with male animals.

In comments made in May, and replayed in a CBC weekend interview, he talked at length about the joys of bowel movements.

"He has increasingly lost the confidence of Canada's new government," Oda told the House of Commons. "I inform this House that I have received the voluntary resignation of Mr. Fournier effective today."