2008-02-22 La police a arrêté un zoophile canin récidiviste (EN)

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Police Arrest Repeat Dog Fucker

February 22nd, 2008 1:34 am


“Wichita police say they’re working a case they don’t often see: a man accused of having sex with a dog. And it’s not the first time the man’s been in this type of trouble. Twenty-year-old Joshua Coman is now in jail accused of having sex with a Rottweiler. ‘We don’t see any cases like this,’ said Lt. Sam Hanley with the Wichita Police Department. ‘I’d never seen any cases like this and I hope we don’t see any more.’ Justen Tracy says Coman lived with his family for a short time. Tracy says Coman called Wednesday night to say he was coming over to kidnap the dog. Shortly after that, the family caught him in the garage. ‘He’s doing foul things with the dog and my mom flips on the garage light and he stops,’ said Tracy. Tracy said his family found out what Coman was doing with their dog Yogi a month ago. They told him if he came on their property again they would call the police. ‘Supposedly according to him it’s happened numerous times on several occasions,’ said Tracy. Coman was already on probation for similar charges in Reno County. Last September he pleaded no contest in a case involving a Rottweiler in Pretty Prairie. Authorities say Coman has posted pictures of himself with animals on a Web site… In fact, Tracy says there’s video on the site of his family pet in their living room that was taped while they weren’t home. ‘I always kind of knew he was sick,’ said Tracy.” — KSN.com (US)

Looking at his picture, you see that Mr. Coman is a young man with a long face, fair complexion, unkempt hair, light eyes, and slightly overgrown teeth. He looks like a college student, or like that guy who works at Starbucks by day but plays bass in a band at night. Maybe he contains the potential to be all those things and more. But meanwhile he seems to have crafted another identity for himself: dog fucker extraordinaire.

While many bestialists practice their vice in secret, Mr. Coman was more public about his animal lust. Apparently he was a member of a web site dedicated to zoophilia. According to a poster on Digg, he was banned from the Something Awful forums for making pronouncements about dog sex. Right before assaulting Yogi the Rottweiler, he actually called the dog’s owners to proclaim his intention to kidnap the dog. It sounds as though his sexual desires formed part of a larger desire to get in people’s faces or to be a rebel. His perversion was all mixed up with subversion.

Mr. Coman had to be aware of the subversive aspect of his public depravity, given that he had already been convicted of the exact same crime six months ago. At that time “several witnesses” observed Coman “sodomizing the animal, which they described as a Rottweiler-type dog.” However, whether his behavior was intentional or just heedless, it certainly points up the absurdity in Kansas’ sodomy laws. Dig this: “Sodomy is considered a crime in Kansas, and Benefiel said that criminal sodomy of an animal falls under the same statute as criminal sodomy between two consenting adults.” It is hard to believe that there exists a law equating the rape of an animal to the behavior of two consenting adults. Why should any “sodomy” between consenting adults be illegal? And by equating an animal with a consenting adult, doesn’t the law thereby deny the very crime it seeks to prohibit? If a dog has the same legal status as an adult, fucking it can’t be bestiality, can it? The whole thing results in an absurdity: bestiality is a sodomistic crime between consenting adults, one of whom happens to be non-human.

No wonder authorities also charged Mr. Coman with burglary. The criminal sodomy charge wouldn’t stand up unless you were dumb enough to consent to it, which Mr. Coman did the first time he was arrested.