2008-11-03 Une vâche donne naissance à un bébé humain (EN)

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“Namibia has its share of strange happenings, such as some men being caught red-handed in acts of bestiality with goats or cows, but strangest of them all is the recent event in which a cow reportedly gave birth to a ‘human baby’ at a remote village in Caprivi… Theories abound but one that seems to prevail is that it might be a case of bestiality gone wrong, though scientifically-speaking it is impossible for a man to sire a calf. But as stranger than fiction as it may seem, the birth of the half-cow, half-human described by Masubia Chief Kisco Liswani III as having a human face and the tiny hands of a human baby with tiny fingers complete with fingernails occurred recently at Kabulabula… Immediately after being informed about the birth, the chief relayed this information to the regional police chief but until yesterday the police had not yet attempted to probe a potential case of bestiality or whatever might be the case, annoying the khuta in the process. Though the half-human, half-cow creature had bovine features, villagers are so convinced it was human that when it died they buried it at the local graveyard for humans. Since villagers are usually buried in rudimentary coffins fashioned from reeds, this creature was also buried in a ‘coffin’ made from this material abundant in that area, but it is not clear whether any local priest conducted the last rites with the Bible, as is normally the case. But the chief says the police together with his khuta should exhume this ‘body’ and get to the bottom of the saga, while Induna Ikosa who is also conducting a parallel probe has not ruled out the possibility of a case of bestiality gone terribly wrong, saying bestiality exists.” — NewEra.com (US)