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Ce texte relativement daté a largement été diffusé sur les premiers forums et newsgroups consacrés à la zoophilie. Il a accompagné la constitution de notre communauté.

Texte original

Delurking, Kurrelgyre's Report

You may be wondering why you've been given this report. Perhaps it was given to you by a close friend, a family member, or even a total stranger. Whatever the case may be, their intent was simple - this report has only one purpose: to inform the reader that the person who presented them with the report is a zoophile. What is a zoophile? Zoophilia, by textbook definition, is an emotional attachment to an animal that causes a human being to prefer a non-human animal as a companion and/or sexual partner. You, undoubtedly, have now made a quick mental connection to bestiality.

They are not quite the same, however - bestiality, by textbook definition, is sexual contact between a human being and a non-human animal. Notice that bestiality does not require an emotional attachment, while zoophilia does. A bestialist is not necessarily a zoophile, nor is a zoophile necessarily a bestialist. Now that you are aware of the commonly accepted definition, you may be shocked and/or disgusted. That is not surprising, as modern society, along with most popular religions, does not approve of humans having sexual and emotional relationships with "lower" animals.

Even at a young age, children are taught that such relationships, and the people that have them, are perverted, disgusting, immoral, and blasphemous. Some are even taught that such actions are tantamount to animal abuse and cruelty. These notions, while deeply rooted in modern society and religion, are not correct (with the possible exception of religious beliefs, which shall be discussed later). You may have just associated the above attributes with the person who presented you with this report. I would beg of you to resist this temptation - whoever gave you this report obviously respects you, and is counting on you to make a rational and informed decision on the matter. You must realize that this information does not change that person, it can only change your opinion of them.

They are still the same person as they have always been - you just happen to know a little more of their nature than before. Zoophiles are not warped, twisted people - they are just ordinary people with an extraordinary desire. You will find zoophiles in every tax bracket, in every location - from the farmer in Montana to the businessman in New York. They may be young or old, male or female, highly educated or high school dropouts. Some have husbands or wives, sons and daughters. Some, like the author of this report, stick exclusively to animals. Some are open about their sexuality to their friends and family, while others keep it a secret.

Finding attributes common to all zoophiles is impossible - it would be equivalent to doning the same with heterosexuals. It just can't be done, and any attempt to do so is destined for failure. Every zoophile has different views, on politics, religion, social issues, and even on zoophilia itself. The only thing we all share is sexual and/or emotional attraction to animals - nothing more, nothing less. The causes of zoophilia are difficult to determine. Some, like the author, have been attracted to animals for as long as they can remember. Some turn to animals to escape the hatred they see in "normal" families. Some feel that they can only truly trust animals. Some simply enjoy giving pleasure to animals.

Always remember, however, that zoophiles never "resort" to animals. Contrary to popular opinion, all zoophiles are not attracted to all animals. Some are attracted solely to dogs, some to horses, and some to other species. Some are attracted to several species, and, yes, some are attracted to all species. Some zoophiles prefer partners of the opposite sex, some prefer partners of the same sex, and some prefer both. As you can see, we are a quite diverse group, even in our sexual orientation. People have used many arguments against zoophilia over the years. One of the most common is that it is unethical, immoral, and is cruel to animals. If you believe this, consider this fact: zoophiles do not restrain their partners - the horse/dog/whatever is free to kick, bite, trample, gore, maim, or otherwise damage them.

The fact that they do not do so, while not the same as explicit consent, shows that they are not overly distressed by the person's actions. Many zoophiles find satisfaction purely in giving pleasure to the animal, and consider their own pleasure a secondary concern. If there were a way to prevent all cruelty to animals, zoophiles would be among the first in line to support it. Some people view the notion of having sex with an animal as disgusting and revolting.

Why should this be? It is only humans that have placed an intellectual barrier between friendship and sex. I feel that sex is merely an extension of friendship, not an entirely different issue. Why is it that the general public views affection towards animals as proper and acceptable, but view the relationship as disgusting and unacceptable once it turns sexual? Is there really such a vast difference between a sexual and a non-sexual relationship? I think not - the difference exists merely in the mind, not in reality.

This brings me to the religious arguments against zoophilia - that it is a sin, and any who practice it are doomed to eternal damnation. This is a difficult point to argue - if you are a strict follower of the teachings of your religion, it is generally true. All I, and zoophiles in general, can ask is that you think seriously for a minute about the reasoning behind these ideas. Why should it be a sin? Why is it evil? If the only reasoning you can find is "because the Bible (or Koran, or whatever) says it is so", than there can be no room for further discussion. We do not ask that you approve of our actions (although we would prefer it), but we would ask that you do not condemn us because of them.

You may be wondering how the zoophile who gave you this report would like you to react to it. What they would like is for you to seriously consider the information presented within it. Before coming to any conclusions, remember that the decision you make will affect another person, another human being - a relationship is at stake. The best reaction that you can have is to accept this aspect of their nature, perhaps even be supportive of it.

Ask a few questions, they will be happy to answer them as best they can. Don't be ashamed to be seen with them, and don't try to "convert" them - zoophilia is neither a disease nor a psychological disorder. Feel honored that they trusted you enough to tell you about it, and proud that they respected you enough to think that you would make a rational decision about it. The worst reaction you can have is to condemn them for their actions, and stop associating with them. That will not only be harmful to them, but to you as well - you will have lost what could have been one of your best friends.

--- by Kurrelgyre