H.I.V. / A.I.D.S

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Ce texte relativement daté a largement été diffusé sur les premiers forums et newsgroups consacrés à la zoophilie. Il a accompagné la constitution de notre communauté.

Texte original

H.I.V. / A.I.D.S

Since the ZOO HEALTH sheet was researched and written, by its author, a new form of disease has emerged. We call it HIV or AIDS. I've heard people ask, " Can I catch it from my animals? " and " Can my animals catch it from a human carryer? ". Both questions, in themselves, suggest the enquirer has very little basic knowledge of the whole issue. I myself am only a Lay Man. I make no pretence at having specialist or in any way Advanced Medical Knowledge. I have none. But I am aware of the basics. Enough to answer the above questions - and maybe one or two more - with as much confidence and certainty as one may have regarding the overall issue - which is, of itself, mutative.

To begin with then;- H.I.V. ? Its a Virus. So is Flu. Both can cause fatalities. And there abouts, for the purposes of this discussion, the similarities just about end. Because flu is Pneumonically spread ( On the air ), we can catch it quite handily by simply continuing to breath. H.I.V., an, if you like Viral Infection ( Flu ) that can lead to " Full Blown AIDS " ( Pneumoinia - in this analogy ) on the other hand, needs a medium of physical contact.

You cannot catch HIV / AIDS unless you are physically in touch with fresh BODY FLUIDS from an infected individual. This is how people give each other HIV / AIDS. Direct Transmission: They personally and directly deposit their own bodily fluids into your blood stream. Example, during sexual intercourse where no protective barrier, such as a condom, is in place. Another Human to Human way of transmission is Indirect Contact. Mess with the spilt blood of an HIV / AIDS sufferer and, should it enter your own bloodstream. you may pick up the viral agents and go on to develope HIV / AIDS as a consequence. For the purposes of this discussion - and because I have, myself, heard no evidence to the contrary - I shall allow the premise that HIV / AIDS MAY be contracted by INGESTION of bodily fluids from an infected person.

So. To summarise so far and to make it all nice and simple to grasp:- If someone has HIV and/or AIDS and they fuck you or you *eat* them, sexually. Or you drink their blood or perform a rite of " Blood Brother " bonding, by cutting yourselves and putting the wounds together so that your bloods mingle? Yeppers. You may well " Get AIDS ".

But now let's just go back to the very basics here. " H.I.V "? Human Immune Deficiency. (Your bodys Fire Wall is really fucked with?). But get the " H " there, people. " Human ". WE get it. Humans do. Dogs are Canines. They get Canine Distemper. Rabbits get Myxomatosis! Dogs don't. They don't get HIV / AIDS either. OK.

Look; You gotta get HIV first, before it can develope - maybe, maybe not - into AIDS. You don't get HIV? You ain't gonna get AIDS. So, now that we should all be clear on what we're talking about here, let's drop the double name. You only need to worry about HIV. ( And, if you stick with animals? Don't have to worry there much either.)

So, it's a Human disease and only humans can give it to or get if from eachother. The cats, they've always been pretty smug. Not so self satisfied, now that they have their very own form of HIV. Because cats are Feline, guess what the Scientists are calling it? So we don't need to bother about that either because, amphromorphise ourselves as much as we may? People:- We ain't cats. Suck your Feline AIDS infected Tom's dick goodbye, if you wish. You cannot catch HIV from him, cos he has " Cat Aids ".

Now, here's the crunch! When I spoke of manners of transmission, above. All that stuff about fucking and sucking and blood? I deliberatly avoided the other well known way to get HIV. Drugs. Only it's not the drugs that give you it. Again, it's the infected persons Body Fluids. But this time brought to you by the needle you shared. That needle we shall call the Third Party Vector. Still wet with their blood, you then stick into your blood. Yes. You get HIV. Hold that thought a moment...

Out in the stables. You're getting a bit of kudos by allowing some On Line " mates " round for a pop at this mare you have. Four of em. One of em copped a dose of HIV three weeks ago. Got it from shagging some girl who'd been shagged by a bloke who once shagged a girl who'd been shagged by a Junkie. And would you believe it? He hasn't got a fucking clue.

So, maybe you're really pumping it for the kudos. Maybe you're a saint. Or maybe you're just a dirty bastard. But you get to go last. Matey with the loaded balls was first, as it just so happens. All three of you plunge your dicks into a warm, moist place, rich with mucous secretions, other guys cum, and millions of fuckin little germs that are gonna make you feel bad later!

Mateys cum is in there. It's comfortable. It's happy. It's being spread all over the place. Its full of HIV and you've got a god given hole in the end of your dick, just made for all that lovely pressure to force the damn stuff up, into your own body. Ye damn right your gonna get HIV from * That Mare *. SHE won't get it. She's a Horse! An Equine, remember? Not a Human? Right.

( It goes without saying then, that should you perform Cunnilingus / Go Down On / Eat Out or what ever the Mare and her nasty cargo.....? )

So that's the only type of way you're going to get HIV from an animal. Okay? If you allow the animal to act as a passive, Third Party Vector.

Only tonight - I swear to you - a young lady I know asked me, ' Could she get HIV from sucking her Dog? '. Answer? As we've seen. Clearly not. Dogs are Canines and incapable of catching HIV if you gave them a sufferers complete blood transfusion. Pump gallons of infected semen into a Dog. It may burst. It will not " Get HIV ".

If it cannot get HIV it can have no HIV to give. Simple as that. An animal can only give you HIV as much as a Milk Bottle can. Add infected, Human body fluids to either. Insert tounge or todger and swirl amongst. Ingest. See? Third Party Vector. A convinient Cum Dump in which for you to meet the infective Human by products.

Finally, for the pseudo intellectual, quasi scientists out there, gagging to take a pop:- Yes. Virii can mutate. That's quite likely how we came to have HIV / AIDS in the first place. I personnaly very much doubt even Porton Down could've lost this one. Some diseases - most notably Sheep " Scrapie " have become reguler little shape shifters. Going from sheep to cattle (two quite distinct species) to we humans. (Alough often superficially bearing a striking character similarity, we are, believe it or not, quite another species again). We. of course reciprocate by calling it different ludicrous names:- " Mad Cows Disease ". Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy. Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease. And " Losing the Plot and Dieing ".

So, yes. There IS a theoretical hypothesis that HIV too could mutate into some Trans Speicial Operative Organism. So could Canine Distemper. Our babies may yet all start dieing of Parvo and, anyway, I personally think that long before any of that comes to pass, we'll all be dead of some form of Cancer from our ruined enviroment or else won't give a fuck anyway, cos we'll all be dribbling idiots with " McDonalds Mind Fuck " planted deep within our cellular structure by a beef burger we were fed in hospital back in the sixties!

So there you have it. Go re read " ZOO HEALTH ". Check your Dog for ticks and, if still in doubt, do like The Horse Crawler, Bilara, and shove a condom on the damn thing.

Packman® August 2000