The Confession to Love of Animals

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Ce texte relativement daté aujourd'hui a largement été diffusé dans les premiers newsgroups et forums communautaires. Il a accompagné la constitution de la communauté.

Texte original

Copyright notice: This discourse is copyrighted by CeTe and may not be posted elsewhere without my express permission. Send your comments, compliments and constructive criticisms to [email protected]

I actually wrote this truly extensive discourse responsing to a zoo-defaming tv program. The topic has caused a sensation among many readers, as they suffer from the same discrimination like countless other zoos from all over the world. Deepening the controverse subject, I had to create several continuations that give you a profound insight into the love of animals.


In my homeland, where zoophilia is legal and protected by law, I saw a discussion on television about love of animals. Like most one-sided tv programs, there was, among other things, a demagogic antizoo, condemning zoophiles thruout.

Everybody has the right of free expression, on the other hand, nobody has the right of defaming anyone else, cos the reporter did not hint at the other side.

Therefore, I will disprove the antizoo´s condemnations and justify zoophilia.

I. Antizoo: "Zoophilia and bestiality is nothing else than cruelty of animals."

First of all, you have to differentiate between zoophilia and bestiality: Zoophiia is the most affectionate love of an animal, whereas bestiality is the only sexual concentration on animals. Both is not cruel at all.

II. "Zoophiles claim to love animals, but all they do is abusing them for their egoistic perversion."

We do not only claim to love animals, but we do love them much more than anyone else. Every real zoo loves and protects his lover overall, and those, who abuse any animal, have to be purchased by the mentioned cruelty of animals.

If we were selfish, we would not love animals.

Why are we perverse? Perversions are animal abuse or cruelty of animals.

III. "They are ill like pedophiles, violators and murderers."

We are not sick, otherwise we would be in jail or in nuthouse. As we do not harm nor kill anybody, we are not comparable with rapers and killers. If pedophiles are criminal, is not the issue.

IV. "Zoophilia is unnatural, amoral, anti-Christian, and should be punished as in many other countries too."

Zoophilia is natural, cos we love animals as others love their human partners.

What is morality?

Morality is beliefs or ideas about what is right or wrong and about how people should behave, and morality can change. Not long ago, merely heterosexuality was moral, while zoophilia, homosexuality and each other kind of sex was amoral. As per that old morality, zoos, Jews, gays, lesbians, Moslems, blacks should be exterminated.

Zoophilia is Christian as well. Albeit in the Old Testament it is written, that zoophilia is objectionable, God approves zoophilia, cos it is love. There are countless Christian zoos like me. For my part, I am a devout Catholic Christ, I believe in the Lord, and I know, he has created me to love animals, his creatures.

Thank God, I live in a liberal country and wish all my zoofriends in the rest of the world to fight for love and justice!


After your comprehensive response to "Zoophilia," my discourse upon a true, discriminating tv program, I have come across some partially missing knowledge of the specifications of zoophilia. I will clarify as follows.

I. Zoophilia is Greek and merely means love of animals. Therefore, every pet owner is zoophile, even though there are manifold forms of love.

II. Bestiality is the loveless, only sexual concentration on animals. Furthermore, it is the colloquial synonyme of zoophilia.

III. Zoofetishism is the fetish of animals without love and any sexual contact.

IV Zoosadism is the violent, cruel, sadistic perversion of animal abuse to satisfy despicable desires.

If somone curses zoophiles, he curses zoosadists. We have nothing to do with those sick persons.

The Morality of Zoophilia

Looking thru your renewedly numerous responses to "Zoophilia II," I have gotten aware of the serious problem a great part of you seems to have with antizoos, expecially my friends´ contributions have made me think about it.

I understimated the subject. After researching profoundly, though, I am relieved, cos antizoos is a minority.

As I set forth in my precious discourse, everyone who loves animals is zoophile. We is the majority.

Antizoos, however, allege, we abuse animals, which is their pure ignorance. If they knew us, they would see, we are the world´s most committed animal lovers, as every zoo never harms his lover.

Strictly speaking, zoos and antizoos have the same destination: protection of animals.

And as an activist of the World Wide Fund for Nature, I know, the morality of zoophilia is not our mutual problem, but ecocide, poaching, mass breeding, animal experiments.

But what is the morality of zoophilia?

Although there is no universal morality, I live according to these four criteria as a result of my philosophy: love, faithfulness, responsibility, protection.

This does not mean, you have to reject our animal-exploiting society, cos far too less do so anyway; if you live the morality of zoophilia, you are on the right way.

If mankind did so, earth would be safe.

The Future

"How shall we change?"

a reader asked me in response to the preceding part. It is complicated to answer that question, as who knows, what the future will bring.

Despite the manifest uncertainty, I foresee four phases of the gradual integration of zoophilia into the human society: legalization, tolerance, acceptance, integration.

This is not in the least an attempt to convince anyone, instead, it is merely my vision of the future zoophilia.

At the beginning, law has to be reformed everyplace in order to legalize zoophilia, the universal love of animals.

Following, people have to change their morality toward us, stop discriminating zoos and start tolerating us, as they should do concerning homosexuals and other minorities as well.

Once tolerated by everybody, we will be accepted sooner of later.

Eventually, zoophilia will be integrated entirely.

If we continue loving animals and mankind learns the same, our future will be certain.

Insofar, I hope, my extensive discourse helps you understand zoophilia.

© CeTe