Zoophilia for Beginners

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Ce texte relativement daté aujourd'hui a largement été diffusé dans les premiers newsgroups et forums communautaires. Il a accompagné la constitution de la communauté.

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Zoophilia for Beginners

Copyright notice: This guide is copyrighted by CeTe and may not be posted elsewhere without my express permission. Send your comments, compliments and constructive criticisms to [email protected]

Disclaimer: The author assumes no responsibility for any action inspired by this guide. All information herein is supplied without liability.

Being a zoo is a hard fate. This guide will introduce you to zoophilia to take your fear from you.

Once recognized that you are zoophile, you might wonder, "am I normal?" Yes, you are. "Am I alone?" No, you are not, there are countless other zoos like you with the same luck and the same problems as you have. So your question is how to meet them.

You beginners should go online cos the internet is the greatest forum for zoos. If you insist on protecting your identity from being discriminated, use a pseudonym instead of your civil name. Initially, you will feel disorientated; so many sites, but so few information.

Join a newsgroup, a community of like-minded people, and you will meet plenty of persons who will most probably share their common conviction with you, help you solve your problems and link you to some more or less comprehensive zoosites.

Most of those sites containing different zoomaterial like stories, guides, pictures or movies are commercial ones. Albeit they dispose of the most extensive resources, they are nothing else than profit-greedy trash, if you do not want to pay for what you see.

Far more advisable than paysites are freesites, though, the best ones are generous zoo´s homepages that offer you free, partly rare material. Whichever of them you favor, before trading zoomaterial, check up whether you offend against any law by doing it.

Another possibility of getting to know someone else is global, national, regional or local message boards you can advertise and make contacts on.

But all the theoretical stuff is nothing comparing with you lover. Unfortunately, some of you are not allowed to keep an animal. To get one, look thru the World Wide Web or ask your friends. Of course, there are certain zoos like me who will never share their partners, however, you can count on those without this ethos.

Nonetheless, you best buy your favorite animal and build up a steady relationship to it. Although this may sound strange to you, took it serious cos caring for a creature implies love, responsibility and trust. After fulfilling these essential conditions, you are able to begin training your fellow for copulating with you.

Remember the coitus just means the emotional climax of your love whose largest part always consists of the everyday coexistence. Too many so-called animal lovers forget their duty towards their dependant partners, send them off to the pound or even let them croak.

In case of that you are into exotic species, sea mammals or other wild animals, you either have to change your lifestyle or you need a lot more luck than I will ever able to wish you.

Good luck on your search for fortune, facts and friends, and have a lucky life with your lover!

© CeTe