Zoophily as a Cultural Pattern and Its Relation With Male Sexual Tendencies in the Colombian Caribbean Coast

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Zoophily as a Cultural Pattern and Its Relation With Male Sexual Tendencies in the Colombian Caribbean Coast.

Ramirez Nunez, Juan Carlos*,1, 1 Universad Del Sinu, SANTAMARTA, MAGDALENA, Columbia

[Abstract du XVIIe Congrès mondial de sexologie, Montréal, 2005.]

ABSTRACT- This study, of descriptive nature, investigated about zoophily, its prevalence and relation with the sexual tendencies of Men in the Colombian Caribbean Coast, MCCC (n=180, average age: 27.5 years), with the objective of determining how true is the stereotype of the sexuality among this population, the reason for this activities, and the level of parental acceptance. The results showed a 76% of zoophilic activity AZ during adolescence (88% she-ass, 9% cow, 3% other animals), 24% did not practice it NZ; as for sexual tendencies: 67% heterosexuality H, 24% bisexuality B, 9% homosexuality h. Currently: 12% AZ, 88%NZ, 79% H, 13% B, 8% h. In justifying zoophily, 51% believe it increases the size of the penis, 27% believe it strengthens masculinity, 22% adopts it as a fundamental aspect of the culture of the Caribbean man; with regards to parental acceptance, there is a 63% parental acceptance; 27% parental promotion; 10% of the parents do not agree with it. It is therefore concluded that the variability of the homosexuality is explained as a transitory sexual tendency which may or may not be associated with zoophily. The predominance of zoophily during the adolescence of the MCC not is highly influenced by the belief in the strengthening of the masculinity and the growth of the penis, which involves parental and social acceptance, thus reinforcing the zoophilic practice as a cultural pattern of the Colombian Caribbean Coast. * Fellowship WPA Caracas 2003, Researcher attached to the Biomedical Research Center of the Universidad del Sinu, Colombia. Director of the San Carlos Health Center (Meta-Colombia); e-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]