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Ce texte relativement daté aujourd'hui a largement été diffusé dans les premiers newsgroups et forums communautaires. Il a accompagné la constitution de la communauté.

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Zoosexual Information

Important Zoosexual Information by Ebonlupus and Mystyc Dreamer

Important Zoosexual Information

This essay is intended for those who are new to the subject of zoosexuality or the act called bestiality. Those zoosexuals who know the ropes are also welcome to read this document but please understand that I'm not trying to tell anyone what to do or how to live their lives. Please note that this is not intended to be a sex guide but a reference of what to beware of during the sex act to avoid harm and injury to either participant.

Zoosexuality is not a fetish, it is the life-style of one who has a loving, most likely sexual fondness for non-human animals. Those who engage in sexual intercourse with non-human animals practice what is called bestiality. Please understand that I do not mean to use the word bestiality in any derogatory way as its practice can be quite enjoyable and is not in and of itself abusive. Practicing bestiality without love for the animal involved may be acceptable or unacceptable behavior depending upon ones approach to the relationship and ones responsibility to animal in question. Herein lies the reason I've written this short essay, I care about the health and safety of animals, and I wish to give those who are finding that they may indeed be zoosexual some things to consider.

I enjoy being a the sensual love for non-human beings, in fact I'm a canine-exclusive, meaning that canines are the only creature I find arousing sexually. I would like you to know that it is my personal belief that it's better to love your partner(s) rather than merely using them for self gratification. Not only does love render sex more enjoyable but also makes abuse less likely. I realize that it is possible to have loveless sex without causing harm to your partner, but to be honest, I have a personal bias against those who would use another merely to gratify themselves. Having expressed these feelings I'll say no more about them.

Now for some personal advice I would like to give to those considering themselves zoosexual and are thinking about engaging in sexual intercourse with a non-human being. Don't do it. If you can, maintain a "normal " sexual orientation and you will avoid difficulties in your life.

First of all, you must be concerned that your lover is properly cared for at all times, that there are available resources to pay for emergency medical treatment. You must provide a good place for your lover(s) to live, fresh food and water everyday, and the responsibility of spending time with them so that they do not suffer from loneliness.

Second, this is not a socially acceptable sexual orientation. There are laws in many places which consider acts of bestiality a crime and in some places carry a very heavy penalty (from a slap on the wrist to life imprisonment). You will likely need to hide your true feeling about your lover(s) from family and friends, risking humiliation or legal action if found out. This is not an easy way to live for many people.

Third, non-human partners generally have shorter life-spans than human lovers. Expect to love them very intensely because they make themselves worthy of such love. When they pass away the loss can be devastating to ones psyche. This is something you will likely think about often, especially as you lover(s) grow older.

Forth is the view others will hold for your lover(s). Expect others to treat your lover as a mere animal or pet, often without respect for their feelings - like property. Someone could kill your lover for whatever stupid reason, like wandering onto their property or out of spite or cruelty. There is little you can legally do to seek justice and the penalties will never be severe enough, or bring them back. The constant protection you must provide your partners in such a wicked and uncaring world requires tremendous responsibility and can cause one much inner turmoil.

I have, myself, found these things worth the risk to live as I do, but these things as well as others are thoughts you should seriously consider before jumping into this way of life.

For those of you wishing to engage in sexual activities with a non-human partner here are some things to consider in order to keep you both healthy and unharmed. Please understand that I only have experience with dogs and that sexual proclivities may vary from species to species. Please seek more specific information about a given species from someone who is familiar with it.

First and foremost, non-human animals are able to consent to sex with humanimals. I say this regardless of the propaganda spread by anti-zoos because I've experienced both willing and unwilling partners. Please understand that it is an act of sexual abuse (commonly called rape) to attempt sex with any being who is unwilling to participate in the act. This includes using drugs or tie downs on an animal. If an animal shows any fear or reluctance to engage in sexual activity, please control your urges and do not proceed!

Non-human animals are much like humanimals, in that they have moods and emotions. An unreceptive partner may merely want to get to know you better or not feel like having sex at the time. When this is the case, put off your advances until another time. Maybe the animal will never show any sexual interest in you, this is just the way it is and you should respect the animals feelings if you are a decent human being.

Partners who have been sexually altered, spayed or neutered, will likely have little interest in sex. This is not always true however. Be aware that a bitch who has been spayed has had her uterus altered so that she will not be able to experience complete vaginal dilation or accept deep penetration. To attempt to do so can cause her great harm or internal injury. She may still enjoy oral stimulation or fingering however, but this depends upon the particular bitch. I've never heard of a neutered male who is interested sexually, but again there may be exceptions.

Second, whenever engaging in sexual activities with non-human animals always cleanse yourself well before and after each sexual act and between partners. This is important to reduce the spread of disease or the risk of infection. Make sure that your finger nails are well trimmed, filed, and clean. An anal or vaginal scratch can have dire consequences. Be careful to never transfer feces from an anal area to a vaginal area as this can cause serious vaginal infections (to both non-human and human partners alike).

If your dog is a long haired breed and you choose to be sexually active with him, it is a GOOD idea to wash his sheath and stomach with warm, soapy water before you and he complement your love for each other. (I have yet to see a long haired breed that doesn't have golden droplets of urine clinging to his sheath opening after peeing.) Urine, his own natural secretions, and god knows what else usually can be found on the long hair (AKA bacteria breeding ground) around his sheath and on his belly. Even on short haired breeds, it is recommended to wash the sheath and belly.

Dogs are not picky where they walk. Poop, dead stuff, garbage. All these elements can be attached to your dogs claws. Yet another part to wash before lovemaking. IF he scratches you anywhere, be sure to clean and treat it with an antibiotic salve, regardless of whether you washed his paws or not.

To the best of my knowledge, non-human animals are immune to most human social diseases, but be aware that non-human animals who engage sexually with multiple human partners can carry human diseases and transfer them between partners. Same goes with yeast infections and urinary tract infections. If you "share" your canine, please be aware of the other persons health and hygiene and most of all, their sexual habits/history. Also be very careful not to spread disease between non-human animal partners.

Third, Don't use chemicals or drugs on an animal. Drugs which are harmless to humans can be lethal to certain non-humans. Never use an oil based lubricant like Vaseline, vegetable oil, lard, or butter, as these substances can irritate sensitive tissues and cause immune system problems and/or infections. A water based lubricant like K-Y jelly is recommended and quite useful.

Using *foodstuffs* to incite a dog to perform oral sex is NOT a good idea. Spreading peanut butter, honey, jam, or any other sweet stuff is just begging for a yeast and/or bladder/UT infection. Leave the food in the kitchen. Some canines will avidly lick some of the flavored, water-based lubricants available (Mine likes the cinnamon flavor!). And again, some just don't like it at all, no matter what you put on it.

Do not insert any foreign or sharp objects into an animals anus or vagina. Take your time in loosening up a bitches vagina with oral stimulation and/or finger massaging. If the bitch shows any sign of discomfort or reluctance, stop what you're doing immediately. Also realize that if you are well endowed that penetration is not going to be possible with certain non-human animals as they simply will not be able to accommodate your mass. To attempt to proceed could hurt your partner.

A male dogs penis is very sensitive. Be careful during oral not to scratch him with a tooth as this is very uncomfortable and may make him reluctant to engage in future activities. If you decide to have anal or vaginal sex with a male dog, remember that his penis contains a bone that might cause you pain if he pokes your sensitive parts during his mounting enthusiasm. Also if his knot passes into you it will swell up and you will be tied for anywhere from a few minutes to up to an hour (usually 15-25 minutes). During this time he will not be able to pull out without causing you discomfort.

For A male tied anally premature separation is extremely painful and can cause torn and bleeding tissues. If this happens clean the wound thoroughly. You should heal okay, but if you get abdominal cramps, experience a fever, or an infection develops then seek medical attention immediately! Tell the hospital that you got carried away with a dildo and hurt yourself if you need an excuse.

A vaginal "tie" is a much sought after, but unfortunately much exaggerated claim. Women simply don't have an extremely small and tight voluntary muscle at the mouth of their vaginas (Unlike the rectum) that female dogs (Lucky bitches *grin*) possess. The human vagina is very accommodating, so most times the "knot" just slips out. This CAN cause some minor discomfort as it is sliding out.

You can avoid a tie by holding a dog by his knot. Squeezing the knot as he achieves orgasm should increase his pleasure. If you take the knot into yourself it can be painful, especially the first few times or if he does not penetrate you deeply enough before expanding. I suggest that if you experience pain during a tie to grit your teeth and bear with it, try pushing him in deeper to reduce the discomfort. The pressure and pain should recede after a while, the alternative of pulling out could have even more painful and damaging results. Try not to panic, you'll hurt but you'll be okay.

Worms are not prejudiced or biased... Any living body will do for them to complete their cycle.

  • Basic worm life cycle for beginners*

Eggs ingested whatever way.

Eggs hatch in stomach or intestines.

Little wormies make their way to whatever organ they prefer.

Now, depending on the worm, they

(a) Stay there and grow/multiply where they are, or

(b) Become adult wormies and lay eggs, to be excreted out and begin the life cycle anew.

Regardless of how "clean" you think your dog is, they still lick their butts and other parts at any given time (usually though, in mixed company). Then we, as loving partners, kiss them and/or let them kiss us. Needless to say, your dog should be on a strict worming regime regardless of whether you are sexually active with him or not.

The following information is specifically for women

Canine semen is highly acidic, and can cause vaginal dryness, which can lead to yeast infections. Regardless of how much you like that "warm, sticky wetness", a douche after lovemaking is a good idea. If you do dry out during intercourse, it can become quite painful to your canine mate, not to mention yourself as well.

Some women have an allergic reaction to one or more of the chemicals/proteins in canine semen, the symptoms being cramps, fever, headache, and vaginal itch,. Again, a douche afterwards (within ten minutes) is a good suggestion. If you find yourself suffering from ANY of these symptoms within 24 hours of having intercourse, seek medical help. The discharge can lead to PID.

Canines, when mounting, can cause a lot of damage to a woman's "wobbly bits" if he pokes and prods with his finger-sized "bone" trying to find his way *in*, and can result in tears to the tender labia minora, bruising to the clitoris (VERY painful!), and/or an unexpected invasion into the anus.

Some women who have large breeds (Great Danes, etc) as partners do achieve a "tie", but that is due to the knot swelling inside the pelvic girdle. IF the dog tried to withdraw early, it can cause considerable amounts of pain to both parties, and bruise both you and him quite badly.

If during his "search and invade" initial thrusting, he pokes into your anus, then into your vagina, it can lead to (being VERY blunt) shit in your playpen, and CAN lead to a low/high grade infection, and if left unnoticed/untreated, can result in sterility or in the most extreme case, death.

Occasionally, the knot will slip out before he is "done", leading to repeated hammering of the knot against you (VERY uncomfortable!). Use a hand to either grab (GENTLY) the knot or to cover and protect your wobbly bits.

Women with Anal sex and Canines... Although rare, it is not an unheard of occurrence. But it IS very risky. Because the "Os Penis" in canines is so hard and thin on penetration and swells quickly to a disproportionate size, and depending on the angle/position, the wall between the vagina and the colon can be torn. (Even more so for women who have a full vagina to begin with!). IF you suspect this to have happened (vaginal AND rectal bleeding, SEVERE pain) get to a hospital *immediately*.

Pregnancy and sex with canines. (A) You cannot have puppies. (B) If you are pregnant, the chemical makeup of canine seminal fluid can dissolve the mucus plug protecting your womb, or the fervent thrusting can dislodge it. IF canine sperm gets into your womb while you are carrying a child, it can lead to a miscarriage.

Hopefully others will contact me with helpful suggestions and details for various types of critters so they can be added here. As for learning how to have sex, well this is something that you will have to discover for yourself, just take your time and love your partner. Learn from each other what you both enjoy and go from there.

I hope that you have found this essay useful. I find that the greatest pleasure of the sexual act lies in providing my lover with the greatest stimulation I can provide. And remember that sex isn't everything, a lot of enjoyment can be had by just cuddling your lover and sharing popcorn :)


Copyright (c) by Ebonlupus ~ Permission is hereby granted to copy and distribute the content of this document in whole or in part so long as this copyright notice accompanies the text. No portion of this document may be modified without written permission of the author. http://bbs.bianca.com/mforums/h/hermes http://www.freespeech.org/vivarium [email protected]